Start Your RV A/C Units On 30-Amps & Also Chill Out Boondocking With SoftStartRV

Start Two A/C Units On Only 30-Amps

As an outdoor adventurer, you probably dream about those wonderful campgrounds in national parks and forests. You crave for the remote campgrounds of olden days during the 50’s-60’s of Route 66 folklore. As glamorous as that may be, experiencing those spots during their summer peak is often a cross between feeling hot, sticky, sweaty and homesick. Many times, the electrical power at those getaway campgrounds is also from the olden days and only provides 30-amps. The more genuine the outdoor adventure, the less likely you are to have the electric power you require to keep cool.

While many modern, private campgrounds offer 50-amp connections, whereas older and more basic campgrounds often provide only 30-amps to power your RV. Furthermore, those pedestals that do offer 50-amp power, are likely to get booked first, leaving the 30-amp power to latecomers and last-minute arrivals.

Many campers only need 30-amps for most functionality, however larger trailers, fifth wheels and big rigs require a 50-amp burst of current to start up a second A/C unit, which often is a requirement to get and stay cool during the most common hot summer months. With a SoftstartRV you can now run your A/C on a 30-amp hookup. Problem solved.

Stay Cool While Boondocking With SoftstartRV Air Conditioner Soft Start Kits.

When boondocking or dry camping, one small generator is all anyone really needs for camping. Regrettably, almost all small portable generators will not start your RV’s A/C, making the hot summers days not as comfortable as you’d like…

Campers can now start and run their 13.5k or 15k air conditioner using SoftStartRV with their Honda 2200 generator. With the SoftStartRV you can keep cool and concentrate on the fun, even in those free campsites with no power or electrical hookups.

SoftStartRV Kit For A/C Is Great For Boondockers

SoftStartRV Kit Means A/C Freedom Anywhere

Now, you can take your big rig, travel trailer or 5th- wheel equipped with 2-3 air-conditioning units almost anywhere and enjoy fishing, canoeing, hiking, camping, or just hanging out at the campsite, knowing that when the day is over, you can chill-out in the air-conditioned comfort of your RV, even on a 30- amp connection. No more searching for the comparatively few 50-amp sites at national and state parks.

SoftStartRV A/C soft start kits have made being comfortable possible. The SoftStartRV A/C soft start kit reduces startup power demand by up to 65%-70%. Installing one for each A/C unit assists when plugged SoftStartRV Kit For A/C Is Great For Boondockers into campground power, but it makes life simpler for your generator too. Now, your travel trailer, 5th- wheel, or motor home, can utilize both of the RV air conditioner units your RV came with.

SoftstartRV A/C Reduces Your Compressor Startup Power Demand By 65% to 70%

Outstanding Air Conditioner Soft Starter For Big Rigs

SoftStartRV is for Class A owners too. Imagine being hooked up to 50-amps, then the SoftStartRV A/C soft starters installed on your air conditioners lessen the need for your power management system to shed power from a hairdryer, cooktop, microwave or many other high-draw devices to enable you to start your additional air conditioning unit.

Motorhomes with three or even four A/C units help greatly by having a SoftStartRV installed for each air conditioning unit. That startup power savings is very helpful too when boondocking or running the generator while driving.

The SoftStartRV A/C Soft Start Kits Are Great For Diesel Rigs Too

Installation of the SoftStartRV A/C soft start is quick and easy for any clever RVer. Simple-to-follow video links for installation instructions, every A/C wiring diagram, and LIVE professional “rooftop tech support” are all available, plus a Bonus Install Kit is included. If you’re not technical, SoftStartRV A/C soft starters are a snap for any professional RV tech to install, typically in under 35 minutes per unit.

Terrific Air Conditioner Soft Starter Value

SoftStartRV A/C soft starters are currently featuring up to a $90 discount off the regular price, depending on the number of soft starters you need for your RV. SoftStartRV is so sure you’ll love the difference that SoftStartRV A/C soft starters make for your camping experience, they offer a 90-day 100% love-it-or-return-it full refund guarantee, and a 1-year warranty extendable to 2-years totally free, with online registration. And shipping is free too!

Enjoy contemporary camping to the max, no matter where you camp. Keep cool and order SoftStartRV A/C soft starters for your RV today.

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